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Processes and data management reform
Good business intelligence, and the ability to provide good advice, requires the right data presented in a meaningful way. To achieve this, it is essential to effectively capture, store, manipulate, analyse and present the relevant data.

Summit has many years of experience in designing and implementing information management processes. We start with what decision makers want to know, and how they would like to receive their advice. We work back from there to design the best possible process to capture, understand, analyse and present corporate data.

We recently designed a budget and reporting framework for the Higher Education and Skills Group within the Department of Education and Training, including the development of organisational structures and processes to ensure the effective budget management and financial reporting.

We can assist with data and information management requirements across a range of disciplines and functions. Our core data and process skills can help make improvements across a variety of functions including:

  • ​finance & budgeting
  • human resources
  • policy development
  • capital programming
  • long-term planning
  • performance reporting

Frameworks, governance and funding models

Well run organisations operate within, and are guided by, solid frameworks and boundaries. Summit are experts at

  • developing frameworks that assist organisations to meet its objectives
  • reviewing compliance against existing frameworks
  • recommending strategies to ensure business plans and practices are consistent with frameworks

We have also undertaken numerous reviews of organisational compliance with government frameworks such as the Minister for Finance's Standing Directions, and Asset Management Framework.

​​Data modelling and analytics
Summit has extensive capabilities and experience in developing complex data models that can be used for testing scenarios and assumptions. We can develop data models and analysis to suit a range of purposes including:

  • capital investment strategies
  • long-term financial projections
  • impacts of demographic projections
  • workplace and employee trends and projections
  • analysis and projections of clients and customers

While working for the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance we developed various long-term funding models that underpin recent high-profile investment decisions. Our long-term funding models provided the Victorian Government confidence to proceed with its significant capital investment program.

Data mapping and alignment
Summit are experts in understand and manipulating large and complex data sets. Organisations often need to transfer their data from old spreadsheets, or legacy systems, to new purpose-built systems. We have extensive experience in understanding and translating these vast volumes of data to a form that is fit-for-purpose.

We recently converted the data for a large government department, with an annual budget of over $8 billion, and more than 1 000 cost centres, to their new financial management system. As part of this exercise we converted data from legacy spreadsheets and systems into a large, consistent data set that now provides the department with increased confidence, transparency and analytical power.

Funding submissions and costings
Summit can provide assistance with the development of funding submissions and costings. Our many years with the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance provided us the experience to develop rigorous funding submissions that are fit-for-purpose.

​We recently provided advice on multi-million dollar funding proposals by a Victorian Government agency. Our advice ensured that their business case was thoroughly road-tested, and that the costs and cost drivers were rigorous and logical.

Financial health and sustainability
Summit has the experience and proven track record in providing sound advice and options on the financial outlook and sustainability of organisations. We spent many years providing advice on the fiscal outlook for governments and their departments, and provided recommendations and options to ensure financial sustainability. 

We recently drew directly on these skills, and provided advice to a Victorian Government agency on their fiscal outlook, key drivers and concerns, and recommendations for the future. This advice was to be incorporated into a future submission to government.