​​Projects undertaken by Summit over recent years are commonly about delivering better advice and outcomes within organisations through improvements to data, processes, frameworks, and governance.


Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources

Forward Estimates System - 2017

​Summit assisted the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR) transition from legacy budget systems and processes to an updated Forward Estimates System. Our primary roles on this project were to:

  • analyse and manipulate data from legacy systems and processes to ensure they are correctly mapped to the new structures
  • map and interface budget data sets from key DEDJTR agencies such as VicRoads and Public Transport Victoria (PTV). The budget data for these agencies can now be view by combinations of account, cost centre, output, and transaction type.

This project involved dissecting, reconciling and remapping over 10 000 lines of budget data from legacy systems and spreadsheets in to one consolidated data cube for the new Forward Estimates System.

Financial Reporting - 2016
Provided leadership for delivering financial reports during peak periods. This included oversight of data collection processes, drafting of reports, liaison with audit and review bodies, quality assurance and sign-off. Key elements included:

  • oversight of operational matters associated with the delivery of key financial reports, including oversight of risk and resolution of issues
  • provided advice to the Executive Team on strategic, operational, structural, and accounting issues
  • identified and developed improvements to DEDJTR's internal control environment, and key financial policies and procedures

Alignment of internal and external budgets - 2016
We undertook an extensive reconciliation of DEDJTR's internal financial data with the Department of Treasury and Finances' (DTF) budgeting system (SRIMS).  This exercise, which involved the review and adjustment of over 5 000 lines of budget data, successfully delivered:

  • better financial reporting to management
  • better understanding of planned resource usage, and the ability to run scenarios for planning purposes
  • higher quality financial data that is easier to manipulate and update
  • alignment to DTF's SRIMS

Department of Education and Training

Higher education and skills group - 2016 - 2017
Summit developed a comprehensive budgeting and reporting framework to improve the management of programs and funding. We delivered a framework that was consistent with, and supported, internal corporate reporting requirements, departmental governance arrangements, and existing financial systems. 

We developed improved financial structures, providing more meaningful and transparent insight into the Group's operations, and introduced robust processes to ensure the right people were correctly managing the capture and flow of data. We also undertook a thorough review and realignment of the Group's budget forecasts.


Victorian Commission for Gaming and Liquor Regulation

Corporate Finance - 2016
We reviewed the budget drivers, outlook, and long-term sustainability, of the VCGLR. This review included options and recommendations for incorporation into the Victorian Government 2017-18 budget deliberations.

Court Services Victoria

Summit comprehensively reviewed the finances of Court Services Victoria (CSV) and provided recommendations to their Board on governance arrangements, including criteria and principles for accessing discretionary budget allocations for each jurisdiction.

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Summit aligned the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning's (DEWLP) internal financial and budget data to the external requirements of DTF's budget and reporting system (SRIMS). This work provided DEWLP with better financial reporting to management that aligned with external reporting requirements, greater visibility and clarity of internal financial information, and a data source that was easier to understand, review, and update.

Key elements included streamlining data management and extraction systems to improve efficiency and the presentation of critical budget information to decision makers, and minimised budget reporting risks through greater internal quality controls. We provided advice on meeting DTF's requirements for consolidated financial reporting of outputs, SRIMS business rules requirements, and recommended changes to their reporting structures.

Land Victoria
Summit developed business cases, and provided the estimated financial impacts of each proposal.​ Our advice was incorporated into the Victorian Governments deliberations for the 2016-17 State budget.

Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure

We developed a capital budget management framework for the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure (DTPLI) to govern project budgeting, This included processes for estimating initial project costs, governance for the management of project budgets, appropriate allocation and management of contingency and corporate levies, and reporting requirements.


Parks Victoria

Summit developed a long-term financial model for Parks Victoria to support scenario analysis and long-term planning activities. This model helps senior management better understand the long-term impacts of resourcing options, including the ability to conduct sensitivity analysis.


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