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Business process and data management reform

Simon joined Summit Consulting Solutions in July 2016 and brought his deep knowledge and experience in designing and implementing systems and processes to produce quality financial information. Simon specialises in understanding the information needs of the customer, and methodically working back along the data chain to ensure all necessary systems and processes are in place.

Simon has lead the development of refined processes to improve financial data and reporting for the Higher Education and Skills Group (HESG) of the Department of Education and Training. This work included:

  • leading a review of the Group’s existing financial reports, and identifying gaps in the information required by HESG management and stakeholders
  • lead the analysis and design of a budget and financial reporting framework that incorporated refined chart of accounts structures, budget allocations, and capture of actuals financial data
  • produced clear and comprehensive documentation to outline the new budget and financial reporting framework, and to provide operational guidance and manuals for HESG staff.

Data mapping and alignment 

One of Simon’s key strengths is his understanding of data, including how to translate large and complicated data sets into a useable for that is fit‑for‑purpose. Simon has been working with, and making sense of, large volumes of data his whole career, and has developed sound and effective techniques.

Example of recent experience:

  • developed detailed data cubes for the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources. This exercise included translating many legacy spreadsheets into one consolidated data set that enabled the Department’s annual budget to be viewed by any combination of account, cost centre, output, contract, and initiative.

​Financial health and sustainability
Simon has spent many years providing advice on the fiscal outlook for governments and their departments, and provided recommendations and options to ensure financial sustainability. Simon has a keen ability to forensically examine the financial operations of an organisation and provide targeted advice on an organisation’s outlook, key drivers and issues.

Example of recent experience:

  • reviewed the budget drivers, outlook, and long-term sustainability, of the Victorian Commission for Gaming and Liquor Regulation. This review included options and recommendations for incorporation into the Victorian Government 2017-18 budget deliberations.

Assistant Director, Department of Treasury and Finance

Simon lead the team responsible for advising the Treasurer the financial position and outlook for the State, and was accountable for ensuring the budget estimates were consistent with the government’s financial objectives and targets.

Simon successfully provided the government advice on the most appropriate fiscal targets, short and long‑term risks to achieving fiscal targets, and prudent options to ensure the government could meet its targets.

Providing sharp, digestible and meaningful advice to Government on complicated financial matters requires effective processes to capture, analyse and present deep and detailed data. Simon successfully provided Government effective financial advice by driving reforms that created more time for value-adding analysis and advice:

  • implementing data management processes to ensure time was not wasted searching for information
  • creating effective analytical tools to sumarise 10 000‑plus lines of departmental financial transactions into digestible information and advice
  • designing and implementing a 20-year economic and fiscal model that was the basis of assessing the Government’s financial capacity to fund major infrastructure investments
  • making upfront investments in people and forward planning.


Senior Analyst, Department of Treasury and Finance

Simon provided advice to Government on the best use of scarce resources on a range of policies over many years. This advice included the financial impacts and consequences of policies and decisions:

  • providing key analysis and advice for various policy priorities including new investments in road and rail infrastructure, and funding options for the Victorian Director of Housing
  • leading the development and implementation of Treasury and Finance’s scenario modelling for the Victorian Transport Plan and Meeting Our Transport Challenges
  • managing the delivery of DTF publications such the Budget Overview and Annual Financial Report
  • authoring exposure drafts for the Public Finance Bill project that sought to improve the effectiveness of the State’s financial management-related legislation.

Commonwealth Government

Simon delivered key long‑term planning analysis and advice, and the development of costing methodologies, for the Department of Defence. The focus of Simon’s work included:

  • developing key elements of the 30‑year costing model that provided scenarios of current and future Defence capability, which underpinned the costing for the Defence White Paper
  • providing advice and options on the allocation of corporate costs to font line Defence outputs such as Army brigades, the Navy fleet, and Air Force squadrons
  • designing and developing an inventory accounting system for Defence’s major fuel depots across Australia.

Graduate Diploma of Information Technology
Monash University (Melbourne)

Bachelor of Economics

Australian National University (Canberra)

Bachelor of Commerce

Australian National University (Canberra)


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