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Financial data systems and business process reform

Troy has extensive experience working in organisations to reform their financial systems and business processes.

Troy has worked with corporate finance areas in Victorian Government Departments to streamline budget systems and processes to drive organisational efficiencies, make better use of Victoria’s SRIMS system, align financial information between internal and external systems to better meet external (DTF and government) reporting needs, and dramatically improve the effectiveness of reporting for management requirements.

Example of recent experience:
As lead consultant to provide solutions in DEDJTR to develop a complete internal budget framework, including building a comprehensive database of financial estimates across the department, developing more robust business processes, and providing strategies to better use financial systems to better manage financial information.

This provided solutions as part of DELWP corporate finance division to map financial information from existing internal financial reporting systems to the consolidated financial reporting outputs required by Treasury
review the processes and procedures currently undertaken by the DHHS corporate finance to produce internal consolidated financial information from the inputs provided by the Hospital entities.

Frameworks, governance, and funding models

Troy has significant experience in working with organisations to drive improved financial outcomes through recommending improvements to budgeting, funding approaches and financial governance within organisations

Examples of recent experience:

  • Developing a comprehensive framework that provides clarity in the budgeting of all government funding in DET (within the Higher Education Group), with clear alignment to internal corporate reporting requirements information, governance arrangements to improve the management of budgets, integration with existing financial systems, and presented by the Finance group for management reporting and alignment with Departmental budget publications and financial reports.
  • Comprehensive review of the finances in Courts Services Victoria of the entity and also provided recommendations to the Board on Governance arrangements including criteria and principles for accessing certain discretionary budget allocations by the various courts jurisdictions.

Data modelling and analytics

Troy has extensive knowledge of financial principles that are required for financial modelling, together with a deep understanding of the Government's public sector financial management framework (including the FMA and DTF guidance) to drive analytical outcomes that are accurate, comprehensive and practical in a public finance context. 

Troy provided robust independent financial estimates and costings for projects, as well as providing a broader assessment of the merits of proposals utilising Treasury principles pertaining to its business case development and program evaluation frameworks

Examples of recent experience:

  • long-term financial model for Parks Victoria to enable management the capacity to develop long term financial projections
  • developed business cases, and modelled the financial and budgetary impacts within Land Victoria associated with proposals seeking new budget funding from Government.


Assistant Director, Department of Treasury and Finance

Troy managed the group responsible for overseeing the delivery of the Government's fiscal strategy. Troy has demonstrated a strong track record in successfully managing the Government’s budget outlook including developing and monitoring short term and long term fiscal targets for the Government, managing risks to the outlook, and advising on appropriate short term and long term strategies:

  • managed the budget process, and oversaw the formulation of the budget projections for government and the presentation framework in financial reports
  • developed systems and processes that delivered comprehensive, reliable and robust budgeting solutions
  • delivered advice on Treasury's budget risk management process over the last four budgets which has provided a framework for government to receive early indications of upcoming risks to the budget outlook to enable adoption of appropriate actions to achieve the key fiscal indicators
  • developed long term budget projections that enabled the Government to adopt its fiscal targets
  • utilised functionality of Victoria’s SRIMS to drive organisational efficiencies.


Senior Analyst, Department of Treasury and Finance

Portfolio Budget Management

Troy has significant experience in providing innovative budget and financial analysis advice to departments managing their budget estimates in accordance with Victoria's financial management principles:

  • managed Treasury's relationship with DHS on a number of key strategic issues, including delivering successful reforms to the Housing sector
  • lead development of advice on the budget implications of the National Health Reform and Better Schools agreements
  • delivered financial modelling that underpinned government decision making on the 2014-15 Budget transport pipeline
  • utilised advanced financial analysis techniques, financial statements analysis, and risk evaluation frameworks to drive robust financial outcomes on a range of complex public finance issues and transactions.


Commercial Advisory Services

Troy worked directly with a number of departmental stakeholders providing commercial and financial risk management advice, transaction structuring, and procurement analysis. This included extensive business case development in the delivery of large scale commercial infrastructure projects:

  • managed the development of a number of health and education related infrastructure projects across Victoria from a commercial, financial and risk management perspective
  • oversaw development of the business case for the Automotive Centre of Excellence project.

Partnerships Victoria

Partnerships Victoria is a flagship procurement policy for delivering capital projects. Troy was responsible for providing technical guidance and authoritative expert advice on procurement analysis and the Partnerships Victoria procurement process on a range of projects:

  • managed the development of the National PPP Guidelines, including being responsible for managing the content and delivery of the Standard Commercial Principles for Social and Economic Infrastructure, the Public Sector Comparator Guidance, and the Practitioners’ Guide
  • managed Treasury’s role in the Partnerships Victoria in Schools Project to progress the project in accordance with Partnerships Victoria policy. Provided advice on financing and transaction structuring, tendering and contractual arrangements, evaluation of tenders, and commercial/risk management.

Graduate Certificate of Applied Finance and Investment
Financial Institute Securities of Australia

Bachelor of Economics (hons)

Monash University (Melbourne).